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Licensed Estate Agent, Auctioneer

Antony Woodley’s love for his job has carried the award winning auctioneer through the highs and lows of the real estate industry.

Antony joined Collins Simms (now part of the Marshall White Group) and he knew from his first day there that he had found his vocation in life – a passion for listing and selling real estate.

Now he is recognised throughout the industry as an established, successful real estate professional, with a level of experience not many can claim.

Antony is married to Shelley and together they have 4 children. He has lived in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs all his life and has witnessed the exciting generational changes which have occurred in the 30 years he has worked in the area.

He continues to thrive as an auctioneer, his technique and passion for the art has drawn crowds just to watch him. Most importantly, he creates results for his clients and this is what gives him the most satisfaction.

It would be hard for Antony to stay on top if it were any other way.

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